Salad Dressing

I know in America most people are used to going to the store and buying dressings, such as our favorite dressing Ranch. Here is a simple Persian Recipe for a homemade salad dressing. I simply love this dressing :)

Persian Salad Dressing

Persian Salad Dressing

Yogurt (optional)
salt/ pepper
lemon juice or vinegar
olive oil (optional)
ketchup –just a tad

Basically, you mixed up your ingredients and have a dressing! You can adjust the contents to your liking, especially the amount of salt/pepper, lemon juice, and mayo you plan to use. I like to put some plain yogurt into the dressing because it creates a lite version … less mayo is healthier. Many people don’t use yogurt and only use mayo, but possibly add more lemon juice and olive oil. The amount of ketchup used varies as well, I typically use 1 tablespoon (or less).

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