Kookoo Sabzi (herb frittata)

This is a simple Kookoo Sabzi recipe…there are a few different ingredients that can be added to vary the Kookoo Sabzi. Kookoo is considered a souffle and Kookoo Sabzi is a vegetable souffle with various herbs mixed in with eggs (and a few other things) and then cooked.

Kookoo Sabzi

Kookoo Sabzi

2 packages (baste) Parsley
2 packages Cilantro
1/2 package spinach
2 packages green onions –only use the ends where it is green in place of Tareh
1 – 2 tablespoons dill (dry or fresh)
Garlic — finely diced or grated
4 eggs
Salt/pepper — dont add too much salt because it can become bitter
a pinch of Baking powder

After cleaning and rinsing the sabzi (herbs) you want to chop them up…can use a food processor to simplify the task. Note: I typically let the herbs soak in water for at least 30 minutes before rinsing them to make sure all the dirt is removed. In a bowl add the chopped herbs, garlic, turmeric, a little salt, pepper, baking powder, and then the eggs. Mix all ingredients well.

Kookoo Sabzi

Kookoo Sabzi

In a frying pan (that has a lid) pour in a good amount of oil. Put on the stove on a medium- high heat and once the oil is heated add the mixed ingredients and flatten out in the pan. After a few minutes bring the temperature to medium and place the lid on the frying pan. After about 15 minutes you want to cut up the Kookoo Sabzi into 4 or more pieces and then flip it over for the other side to fry as well. You should notice a darker green color to the side that is fried…if needed you can allow it to fry a bit longer before flipping it over. When you flip it over you will cover the frying pan with the lid again and allow it to cook another 15 – 20 minutes.

You can serve the Kookoo Sabzi with bread or with Sabzi Polo. In fact many times I have eaten Sabzi Polo ba Mahi and Kookoo Sabzi. Very tasty :)

3 wonderful comments and feedbacks from Persian Food lovers

  1. This dish most definitely needs barbverry (zereshk. Without barberry, it is kind of tasteless. Chopped walnuts also adds flavor and makes it more palatable.

  2. I wish you could use/add standard measuring units as well.
    ‘2 “Packages” of parsley’ might be very well known in some countries (US?), but units as gram, liter, and alike are known everywhere.

    Thank you

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