Kabab Chenjeh

Visiting family is always fun! Especially when it comes to making all sorts of Kabab’s. We recently made Kabab Chenjeh, which are pieces of lamb or beef tenderloin (fillet) that are grilled.

Kabab Chenjeh

Kabab Chenjeh

Ingredients (2-4 people):
1 lbs lamb tenderloin (fillets) — cut into small squares
1 large red onion –finely chopped
very small dash of salt
black pepper
oil or olive oil

For the marination of the Kabab Chenjeh finely chop up the onion and mix it in with the meat. Add a bit of black pepper and some oil. If you want to add salt make sure to only add a very small amount (a dash).

Marinade the meat at least 1 day prior to grilling. This is make the meat far more tender :)

For grilling the Kabab Chenjeh, you will add pieces to a Kabab Skewer and then grill. If you grill it too much the Kabab will become dry and wont be as good. If the fire is high it should take only about 5-6 minutes for the Kabab Chenjeh to cook. You don’t want to burn the meat either, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Serve with rice or bread …and of course some mint, green onions, etc. for garnish :)

4 wonderful comments and feedbacks from Persian Food lovers

  1. Hi there,

    Is that a gas BBQ? How did you make it to create that much fire? It’s very difficult to make good Kabab on a gas BBQ.

    What’s your secret?

    • Yes, it’s a gas grill. Well, the fire looks like it’s a lot but it was just the meat fat dripping on the fire and making it flame high. I took the picture at it’s highest point. So I suppose the secret would be get the fattiest meat you can find (Lamb in this case).
      The only difference between this gas grill and a regular gas grill is that there are fire place stones on the grill to spread the fire evenly. You can find those from anywhere that has fireplace accessories.

  2. is there any difference between chenjeh and shish kabab ?

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