Bolani Afghan Recipe

Bolani Afghan Recipe

This is a Afghan Dish that can be made in a few different ways. It is somewhat similar to a Persian recipe called Sambooseh (Sampooseh).

1 package small or large egg roll sheets
4 potatoes
1 package green onions
salt/pepper (and other spices)


Boil the potatoes in water until they are soft and ready. Then set them aside for a bit to cool down. Peel off the skin and mash the potatoes up.

Bolani and Yogurt

Bolani and Yogurt

While the potatoes are boiling, cut up the green onion into small pieces o add to the potatoes once you have mashed them up. Mix the two together and add desired spices, especially salt and pepper. If you want them to be spicy you can add red chili pepper.
Fill each of the egg roll sheets with the mix and use water to get the sides to attach when you fold the sheet over. Now originally one should make the actual bolani bread, but sometimes we look for short cuts and this is one (using egg roll sheets).
Finally, you want to fry the bolani’s in a frying pan with oil until crispy. Serve with yogurt as the dipping sauce.

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